Jasveer Memorial B.Ed College

Jasveer Memorial College is a T.T. College, with a well trained and experienced staff. We will try our best to providing a positive environment where all students can learn, develop and mature while promoting self-esteem, responsibility, and respect for self as well as others. Today college is well known not only in Rajasthan but also beyond the Rajasthan.

             Under the influence of materialistic environment some parents might think that they can purchase education with the fees, but this is not true, we have taken responsibility of improving student's overall personality and not only just educational qualities. Jasveer Memorial College has always expected the same kind of responsibility from the Parents. Parents should think like Jasveer Memorial College, have positive and creative attitude and be kind and personal.


College Documents 

(i) Copy of Application Form

(ii) Available infrastructure facilities such as Land and Building particulars

(iii) Name of Course Conducted with sanctioned seat number

(iv) Recognition Letter of course

(v) Sanctioned Programmes along with annual Intake in Institute

(vi) Name of faculty and staff in full as mentioned in school certificate along with their qualifications, scale of pay and phtograph 

(vii) Name of faculty members who left or joined during the last quarter

(viii)  Name of students admitted during the current session along with qualification, percentage of marks in the qualifying examination and in the entrance test, if any, date of admission and such other information

(ix) Fees Charged From Students

(x) Facilities added during the last quarter

(xi) Number of Books in the library, refereed journals subscribed to and additions, if any, in the last quarter

(xii) Information for having fulfilled the norms &  Standard ant other required conditions

(xiii) Temprary NOC of State Government

Balance Sheet 2018-19

Income & Expences 2018-19


Seat & Subject


News Paper & Magzines 

Non Teaching Staff


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